Friday, December 21, 2007

Finally posting again!

Alright, I am sorry for leaving everyone hanging so long! I have been pretty busy lately with work and the holidays, and trying to take a test online to keep points off of my drivers license after getting a speeding ticket.

Now as far as the racing, let me update you.

Round six of the Florida State Championship Series was down in Miami at the Oleta River State Park. It was a beautiful sunny day, and the trail was in great condition. My dad was there too, so that was really cool, mentally and to help with handing off bottles. Well to get to the point. I ended up getting the whole shot(or at least was first to the first turn like 40 feet after the start) and then when I realized I was leading after turning onto the fire road, I just started to hammer down the road. Ryan I believe was on my wheel going down the road, and shortly before going into the woods, he shot passed me, and then Robert Bounds and Victor Alber went around me as well. The first short bit in the woods went ok as I was staying with them, but then my chain came off and it wouldn't come right back up on the chain ring so I had to pull off the trail and let the train go by and hop back in next to last with Bob Mccarty now on my wheel. We soon hit a fire road and Bob flew around me at an incredible rate of speed. I lost site of him when we went back into the woods and that was the last time I saw him until he got on the podium. From there on out I was pretty much by myself for the rest of the race, until I slowly caught and passed a few people, which put me in 9th position at the finish. Basically it was a pretty miserable race for me. Miami as everyone knows that has ridden or raced there is a very rough course, and being on a hardtail it was not fun to say the least.

The next weekend was the make up race down in Sunrise Florida. I won't spend too much time on this one, but the highlights were that I got 7th, broke my brake lever off pre riding, and it was a really cool course.

The last two races of the Florida state series were at Santos, due to Razorback getting shut down. I stared the first race off with a strong start, and finished the first lap with Ryan Woodall, and Robert Bounds. Starting the second lap they steadily went away from me, and I slowly got caught by Martin Cox and Kevin Hoffman. After they passed me I maintained about a 1 minute behind them that would grow and shrink in different parts of the course. about half way into our 4th lap, Drew Edsall caught me and we rode together until the start of the last lap, where I met "Bonk" for the first time. Lets just say that last lap was very slow and painful! fortunately I had enough gap on 8th that I was able to take home 7th place.

Race 8 of the 8 race series was another painful but good race. My mom and sister were here for this one which was awesome for the support and to help mentally. (you just always have to push a little harder when your mom is there) I didn't get as good of a start in this race, but I feel that I road a very good and consistent race, and ended up with 6th. I really wanted to get a top 5 this season but just never could quite reach it. but thats what the off season and all those winter miles are for right? work at it that much harder for next year.

Moving on to the banquet later that night I was very shocked with an award I received. I was awarded the "Most improved rider" for 2007! Ryan won the expert pro class and also won Rider of the year, and the About Bicycles team ended up 4th in the team standings. Pretty good and safe year Thanks to mom and dad, and of course God. now its time to put on the cold weather clothes and go ride...

Monday, December 3, 2007

computer trouble!

Sorry I haven't posted in a while! My computer crashed and I just got it working again after a few weeks. I don't have the time right now, but I will update soon on the last few races and whats been going on. but just to let everyone know. The last race of the Florida State Championship Series is this weekend at the Santos Trails. Come out and watch the most intense pro/expert race this year, as we all battle for one last shot at the top!