Monday, April 7, 2008

GSC #1....not my time...

I will keep this one short becuase there just isn't much to talk about. Drew, Martin, Kevin, and my self all headed up to macon, on friday evening. We didn't get in til about 1am due to alot of traffic on the interstate. Saturday we woke up around 11 and went to Cracker Barrel for a hardy breakfast, and then casually got ready and headed to the race course. We pre rode 2 laps, and I felt pretty confident with the layout of the course. oh yeah, I endoed preriding from being stupid on a downhill.... needless to say I won't try to get air again on an off cambered dip with trees right next to you. The next morning we woke up at 6:15 to a cold damp breeze outside. I turned on the TV and it said "49 degrees, supposed to rain, and wouldn't get over 55 all day." sounds like fun! good thing I brought my arm warmers and a few layers. getting dressed and ready in the cold wasn't fun, but once I was warming up on the bike I was feeling good. My power still wasn't feeling like I wanted it to but definetly felt better than at Gainesville. Getting to the starting line I was really surprised with the turnout we had. 17 experts and pro's! The whistle blew and I got in my pedal quick and got a good start. Too bad it didn't matter, because we climbed the wall of death to get to a flowing downhill to recover on with plenty of passing. But it was that darned downhill not but 3 minutes into the race that decided to end my race. I caught a root wrong and endoed, burped my tire, and cut the sidewall. from then on it was a game of stop, inflate, rocket up the climbs, catch a few, endo on downhills, and repeat until I ran out of air. I finished 3 laps before I ran out of air in my Co2's and my tire.... I know I am a quitter, I should of run the last two, but I was too bummed to keep going and be out of contention. Well that was pretty much my weekend!

Notable finishes were Kent Lofton finishing 3rd in 40+ expert, Kevin Hoffman finishing 6th in expert/pro on a single speed! and big props to Drew Edsall with his first XC win ever! and beating second place by almost 4 minutes!(who is a Pro)