Sunday, February 17, 2008

12 hours of santos

Sorry for how long its been since I posted. I don't really have a good excuse this time.

As far as Racing goes, it has finally started back up for me this year. 2 weeks ago was the 12 hours of santos, which was of course at the santos trails. But instead of being on the normal parking lot side Goneriding had the event over on the vortex side down in the pit, which made for an awesome location! from one spot you could see 4 or 5 trail crossings, and being down in the pit with rock walls and rugged terrain surrounding you, you really didn't feel like you were in florida.

Ryan and I teamed up with Bob Mccarty, and Trent Maddox to have what was the perfect cast for winning the race. our lead slowly grew to just over 20 minutes by the end of the race. It was definetly an honor getting to race on the same team with those three, and having a trophy that says "1st place expert/pro team" is really sweet!