Thursday, January 31, 2008

wishing I was racing...

As some of you know, I was down at the six hours of carter road this last weekend. But I didn't race. I was spectating, which was really hard to do because I always want to race! But I was down there to support my brother by feeding him and getting water bottles, and trying to be his camera man which.....didn't really work so good(evidentially my camera skills aren't too good). I won't drag out the race because its his story to tell, and he has it on his blog, here. What I will tell you though, is that he crushed it! beat everybody by a lap, including the teams! It was a cool day, and a good way to start off the new racing season.

Monday, January 21, 2008

almost a century....

As you can see from the title of this one, I almost did my first century today.....but not quite. I think the exact mileage was 92 miles. I guess I should of just ridden around the block a few times.... I guess I didn't think of that one.

Anyway, Ryan, Luke, and I went out for a nice long road ride down past lake weir, all the way to Umatilla which I guess is a small town in between Orlando and belleview. Pretty much the whole way down we had a head wind and weren't going too fast, but on the way back with a tail wind we were able to go a lot faster. As far as the terrain, we did go on a dirt road for a few miles which was pretty fun. It got pretty loose in some areas so you had to be careful and not make any sharp turns. and umm....yes I did eat it once, right when we started down it. fell over on my side and some how got chainring marks on my left leg....funny cuz the chainring is on the right side.

After the ride we had our usual dinner at Moe's for some good ole burritos! nothin like some moe's after riding. Well I guess I should head to bed, so I can wake up and go ride tomorrow before work. until next time....

Friday, January 18, 2008

Two new sponsors!

I just got some emails from Maxxis and Industry Nine, and I am now sponsored by both for the 2008 season. Thanks Industry Nine and Maxxis! With my road team Cycle Logic, they are ordering new kits for 2008, and I must say they look pretty sweet! New Kits

Right now I am working on finalizing my 2008 race schedule. I was hoping to do a fair amount of road races this year, but it looks like I won't get to do as many as I had planned on. But the mountain bike is my first love and I plan on keeping it that way so it doesn't bother me any. I need to run for now, but check out the new Building Champion cyclists blog if you have time.
BCC Blog

Saturday, January 12, 2008

waiting for the 50....

Right now I am sitting at my computer watching the minutes go by painfully slow. I got off work last night around midnight and got to bed about 1 this morning, and was told that the san felasco 50 started at 8 this morning. so I woke up accordingly(6 am) and after making a pot of coffee and eating some breakfast I go to wake up Ryan and he tells me I am an hour early....DOH! That kinda stinks. So instead of going back to bed for 20 minutes I decided to just write a blog.

So as most of you know its the off season for us mountain bikers which for me and Ryan right now means long easy miles. And thats what it has been for the last two or three weeks so far. last Saturday, Sunday and Monday, I logged over 11 hours. (2:30 Sat, 3:30-4 Sun, over 5 Mon) I was feeling really good physically and mentally knowing how good this is gonna be later on in the season, when it really shows how much you rode the winter before. But, since monday I haven't ridden due to a cold and major sinus stuff. Ryan woke up sick on Monday but rode anyway, and then got worse for I believe two days and is pretty much fine now....I think. Well I got pretty sick tuesday, and got worse until yesterday when I finally started to get better. Normally I can still function ok with colds and such, but my equilibrium was thrown for a loop and I was getting really bad headaches from it. So I guess what I am getting at is I haven't ridden since monday, but I am ready to get back on my noble steed and ride ride ride! Oh, which reminds me! My awesome parents got me a new road frame! its a 2006 Specialized Sworks E5, and now I can't wait for the road season to start back up!

Well I need to run. Ryan just woke up and I need to go finish getting ready. See Ya!