Thursday, January 15, 2009

where I left off

Last time I posted was right before the Tallahassee FSC race. Ill try to summarize and bring you up to speed on the current events.
Tallahassee wasnt a very good race. I had a lazy week of riding right before and it cost me an 8th place finish. I just couldn't perform like I needed too. Ryan brought home the victory as this was his last XC race of 2008. what better way to end a season than with a win?

next up was Alafia, round 4. Tallahassee got me fired up and I got a solid 2 weeks of training. I even put on a lighter saddle and cranks for that extra edge! preriding the course went really well and I knew I would be able to roll the course good, and I felt like I had a good snap to my legs. BUT... Sunday morning as I get to the track and I am taking my bike off the rack, I go to squeeze my rear brake, and it is gone! I try pumping the lever to see if I can get some braking back, but nothing happened, other than brake fluid leaking onto the lever. Needless to say I raced the entire Alafia race with no rear brake. I got the holeshot, and lead the first mile or two, but once bounds victor and martin got by I just couldnt quite hang onto their wheel. I slowly watched 5 guys ride away from me as I ended up with a sixth place finish.

Miami was Round 5 and ended up being another 6th place. I felt decent power wise, but I am still learning how to flow that course and just couldnt keep up with the lead group.

Now starts my sickness Saga... I started getting a cold and all that sinus junk right before the Alva race. I also decided to try a new gel during this race which probably wasnt a good idea. I didnt have a good start but managed to stay close to the front group for a little while. on the second lap my stomach turned south and I found myself throwing up on the side of the trail. I started calming back down and picking it back up on the third lap, and then had a pretty solid 4th lap. I managed to pull out a 7th.

Next up we headed to Gainesville at the San Felasco trails. Preriding was great. the sun was out, the trails were in great shape. Race day on the other hand... the flood gates opened up and it suddenly became a nasty mud race, as well as a cold front right behind the rain. I was still recovering from having a cold, but excuses aside I just didnt have the power or what it took to keep up. I walked away with another 7th place finish.

after a couple weeks off and getting better we had the final race of the Series. It definetly helped that it was at Santos! I was able to pull out a 4th place finish. I was leading the last lap up until about 2 miles from the finish. I ran out of gas and came in about 30 seconds back.

I finished 4th in the series after a rollercoaster season. I am very happy and thankful I am able to compete at this level and be one of the front runners. I thank my Lord and Savior for giving me the ability and chance to race. My parents for standing behind me and supporting this crazy dream. Matt and Julie Goforth for letting me ride for them and all there support through the year. Kurt Leverett for his advice and talks. Drew Edsall for his advice and testing. Martin Cox for all the road trips and bein a good friend. everyone else that I know I am forgetting! And of course my brother, Ryan Woodall. I couldnt have done it without you!


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The general complexities of men's and women's style

Both women and men may feel the pressures of keeping their clothing up-to-date and in time, yet men's fashion usually feels a lot simpler. Of program, for both sexes, outfits and style choices could be just as complex, and there are many'stylish'items that could quickly become fashion faux pas - who will say they frequently see people running around in 70s flares? On the other hand, men's style features a few choice items which can exist eternally - which man is likely to keep an eye out of position with a good-quality, tailored suit, for instance? Select classic cuts, colours and fabrics and you'll never seem out-of-place.

Why basic men's fashion is amazing

The traditional man's suit has scarcely changed for over a hundred years. True, there are several varieties for various situations, however they are all popular in their pursuit of a smart, sharp look for the wearer. The best part about basic fashion for men is that it is effectively elegant efficiently cool. A well-groomed lady can almost always appear his sharpest in a well-tailored suit, and it is a testament to the design of such clothing. A suit will undoubtedly be used to work in many jobs because of the professional search it offers to the individual, instilling a feeling of respect and trust. Equally a suit will undoubtedly be utilized to many social functions, such as a tuxedo to a black-tie affair. This incredible versatility that enables matches to be used in nearly all functions is what gives it its classic advantage and a lasting invest men's fashion.

Modern developments in traditional men's style

Though common men's styles can never be changed, it's interesting to observe that changes in men's fashion trends have brought certain traditional clothes back in fashion. The popularity of vintage clothing, specially, has taken back a wide-variety of classic designs into men's wardrobes, such as that of the dandy man. 'Dandy'is a term used to reference men who dress yourself in a classic yet expensive way, placing importance on appearance and working in a refined manner. This development for nearly'over-the-top'traditional fashion for men is evident from events such as the'Tweed Run', wherever men and girls of all ages dress yourself in notably Victorian-style clothing and decide to try the roads on vintage bikes - with lots of the men wearing impressive mustaches! That is just one single of many examples of evidence showing the resurrection of such variations. There are also numerous blogs on line which give attention to gentlemanly style - such as'The Dandy Project'and'Dandyism'- as well as complete internet sites such as'The Art of Manliness'focused on providing articles on traditional men's fashion and grooming.

In summary, although certain facets of classic men's style could be cut back as new styles, the basic clothes that they derive from will never fall out of fashion.

"All it takes really are a few basic outfits. And there's one key - the easier the better." - Cary Grant

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The relative difficulties of men's and women's style

Both women and men can have the difficulties of keeping their clothing up-to-date and in time, yet men's fashion often seems a lot less complicated. Of course, for both sexes, garments and style options can be just as elaborate, and there are several'cool'items which can rapidly become fashion faux pas - who is able to say they often times see people walking on in 70s flares? On the other side, men's fashion has a few staple things that can exist eternally - which man is planning to keep an eye out of position with a good-quality, tailored suit, for instance? Choose traditional cuts, colours and fabrics and you'll never seem out-of-place.

Why common men's style is timeless

The classic man's suit has barely changed for over a hundred years. True, there are several types for various functions, however they are all common in their quest for a clever, sharp search for the individual. The good thing about common fashion for men is that it is effortlessly elegant effortlessly neat. A well-groomed gentleman can more often than not appear his sharpest in a well-tailored suit, and it is a testament to the style of such clothing. A suit will undoubtedly be used to work in several jobs due to the professional search it offers to the individual, instilling a feeling of respect and confidence. Similarly a match will be worn to several social functions, such as a tuxedo to a black-tie affair. This incredible flexibility that enables matches to be utilized in just about all occasions is what gives it its amazing edge and a lasting devote men's fashion.

Contemporary movements in traditional men's fashion

Although classic men's designs can never be replaced, it's interesting to observe that shifts in men's fashion trends have produced particular basic clothes back into fashion. The acceptance of vintage clothing, particularly, has taken back a wide-variety of basic models into men's closets, such as that of the dandy guy. 'Dandy'is a term used to make reference to men who dress yourself in a classic yet luxurious way, working in a sophisticated approach and placing value on appearance. This tendency for almost'over-the-top'traditional style for men is evident from events such as the'Tweed Run', where men and girls of all ages clothe themselves in particularly Victorian-style clothing and decide to try the streets on vintage cycles - with lots of the men wearing impressive mustaches! This really is only one of several types of evidence displaying the revival of such designs. Additionally, there are numerous blogs online which concentrate on gentlemanly style - such as'The Dandy Project'and'Dandyism'- as well as complete sites such as'The Art of Manliness'focused on giving articles on classic men's fashion and grooming.

In conclusion, though specific issues with traditional men's fashion could be cut back as new trends, the basic outfits which they are based on will never slip out of fashion.

"All it takes really are a few simple outfits. And there's one key - the simpler the better." - Cary Grant

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